The O2 Venue, Dublin

MSA provided services from concept to construction and are ongoing with event management services.

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Photo Credits ©Populous

Client: Live Nation

Capacity: approx. 14,000

Dublin’s newest landmark, The O2 venue sets benchmarks in venue design. MSA adopted an integrated approach to ensure that this venue achieves the perfect balance of functional fire safety requirements and creative architectural vision whilst meeting the cost requirements for the client.

Egress and pedestrian modelling was undertaken to optimise the exit width requirements for crowd populations and the smoke management systems were designed from first principles to allow for the exceptionally large volumes to prevent the high potential for unobstructed fire and smoke spread.

MSA’s specialist Building Fire Safety Management Team and Event Safety Specialists developed emergency evacuation management plans strategies for specific events such as Special Olympics, Sporting Events and Concert Events e.g. U2 Concert. Read more on Building Fire Safety Management.

MSA provided fire and evacuation training for staff to enable these strategies be implemented correctly.

These Emergency management plans and the development of fire engineering egress for the different events increased the venue’s occupant levels compared to a code compliant design.

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